Every Slot Type and Peculiarities

Types of slots

Slots categorizing

major moolahThere is innumerable quantity of slots types that differ one from another by their appearance, content, structure and other characteristics. However, it is possible to distinguish some particular kinds of existing slot machines and find difference from other gambling games like Paddy Power games, for example. This very article is aimed to give players some more knowledge about it for them to be able to choose an appropriate slot type.

Common division

Some theorists and gamers distinguish three types while other consider slots to be of four types or even more (more likely that these are some subtypes). We have decided not to restrict any of divisions and simply recount the slot machines` types.

Conventional slots

Conventional slot machines are also wide-known as straight slots . The straight machine is a simple one-armed bandit that is often shown in films. Their appearance is similar to cash registers and their reels spin when a player pulls the arm. This machine just plays slots games and gives a pay out on a regular pay table. The games of straight slots are very easy to understand and play and they actually do not offer prizes and additions.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots are those which are not consider to be straight or conventional slot machines. However, do not confuse them with video slot games. They actually play similarly to regular or Cleopatra slots, but they have one feature that retains large quantity of players around them. Progressives are frequently linked to different other slot machines around a casino. The small percentage from those machines is always given to progressive during the bets. Thus, it always gains a progressive jackpot, one you need to do is to spin the concrete combination.

Bonus game slots machines

Bonus game slot machines offer innumerable extra games in case a player gets a concrete combination of symbols. The given extra games always give a player the chances of winning some extra money without extra bets or cheating. These extra games are a good solution for players to entertain without the spinning reels.

The games can be various and they are really colorful and qualitative usually. Thus, each gambler should try them at least once.


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