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Historical aspect

From the very beginning slot machines industry has developed with increased speed and in 1975 the Era of Video slots has came. masque video slotFortune Coin Company was the first that has introduced the innovative for that time video slot games. However, players were not reallyexcited about those new slots, and treated them with suspicion and it is rather understandable considering slots history.

International Game Technology very soon has improved an unstable position of new slots. It purchased Future Coin and has made all necessary changes. Thus, video slot games have become attractive for gamblers and obtained a huge popularity at Vegas casinos very fast.

Megabucks was the first video-progressive slot introduced to gamblers. The innovative feature of Megabucks implied the connection with similar others machines at the casino. This innovation gave a possibility to hit a great progressive jackpot along with automatically exclusion the slots of small jackpot. That was a push for thousands players to adore new type of slot machines.

Video slot games today

Rather great part of slots industry is located in Australia today, where a Nickel machine is manufactured. Actually the name of Nickel Machine has come from usage of five cents for playing. The average existing machine allows betting on various outcomes and accepts multicoins bets. Contemporary casinos are flooded by 'one-arm bandits'. Modern slot machines combine entertainment and excitement.

Acquired features

Since the essence of video slot games is that players deal with a computer game the creators feel free to add more interactive components, for instance, some bonus games or qualitative sound effects and graphics.

It is also more common to use five reels instead of three. Actually it is a real expanding power for slots - one machine may have 50 and more symbols on the reel and give amazing odds. The creators don`t have to weight payout symbols since there are lots of combinations providing by 5 reels.

There is innumerable quantity of different casino operators that produce qualitative and interesting slots software for this type of slots. Today traditional theme slot machines cannot surprise any gambler. Thus, those companies lean over backwards to achieve success via innovative ideas for slots. Well, we need to admit that they are doing really great as there are many unusual slots games which may be named simply 'all things to all men'. There are all possible favorite characters from popular computer games, movies, comics and books in Superhero slots, for instance. Moreover there are thrilling graphics, hilarious sounds and flashing lights that create the perfect atmosphere for good game.


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