Paylines at Slot Machines

Pay lines

What are they


Slot machines pay lines imply various combinations of symbol series or symbols that appear on the slots reels which pay out. Pay lines can be situated vertically, horizontally, diagonally or zigzag. Taking into consideration the history and even slots innovations for a long time there were just three possible pay lines in accordance with 3 reel machines. Today it is almost impossible to be limited in pay lines at online slots.

To put it in simple words it is a certain range of positions on slots reels which is always read to right from left. A pay line on which a player wagers is called the active pay line. When reels stop spinning a player can compare the line of symbols on their positions with conditions written in payout table. Pay table contains all payouts and payout percentage for different combinations. In case some active pay line has combinations which fits those mentioned in payout table a casino pays players the amount according to payout percentage.

Pay lines today

Return to the history in electromechanical Era slots` pay line was poor compare to those with the invention of video online slot machines. Nowadays 5 reel online slot machines show 3 lines of symbols, 5 symbols in every raw. If a player reads horizontally this gives rise to 3 pay lines. From the very beginning video slots had 3 pay lines but with the lapse of time slots obtained a function to read the consequences in different manner, even zigzag. Thus the quantity of pay lines increased. Now the most usual numbers of pay lines at casinos are 5, 15, 9, 20, 25. Some software operators, like Microgaming, have developed innovative slots with 50 and even more pay lines.

The multiline slots allows you to decide a coin denomination and quantity of coins per line. A result of this can give your line bet. Then you have to decide how many lines you want to wager on. In case you decide to wager on five lines your total bet will be 5 times your line bet. Actually this equals selecting one line and spinning reels five times. Hence in multi line slots the number of spins required for the same wagered amount is reduced. Therefore multiline slot machines gain the higher rate due to their main advantages mentioned before. You may add to this the thrilling feelings of playing simultaneously so many lines.


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