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Dinosour slotThere are plenty of slot machines in every casino all over the world and in the Internet, taking into consideration video slot games as well. Thus, each player can easily choose an appropriate type of this wonderful entertaining game and enjoy exciting action. Today slots industry has developed to enormous measures and now it can offer its fans the slots on various themes. Perhaps it is impossible to count all of them, but we can at least name and tell you something about the most popular themed slot machines games.

Adventure slots

If you are fond of themed slots there is a strong thirst to adventures you`ll love this type of slot machines! There are plenty of variants playing adventure slots as get into troubles with scary pirates, looking for legendary treasures, try some mystery, become a spy, try yourself as a real detective of investigation and in addition you will feel the excitement of money winnings. No matter if you prefer 5-reel or 3-reel video slot games with various numbers of pay lines and bonuses and free spins. All colorful symbols and hilarious sounds will make your game more realistic.

American slots

Playing American slots will give you a possibility to get closer to United States traditions and culture, Americans` rural life, USA history, their Liberty, national celebrations, etc. Each slots with an American theme includes special symbols which are associated with the Unites States lifestyle such as American flag, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, American food, ect. Sometimes you can notice amongst these games also the theme of Wild West, that is natural as it`s an important part of the US history.

Movies slots

This type of slot games is relative to Superhero slots. Everything you know about adventures and comedies, movie making, Hollywood, superstars, celebrities and their life is included in these amazing slot machines. In case you like all this stuff or you are real devoted moviegoer movies & show business themed slot games are the best you can try. Generous bonuses and money prizes are a pleasant addition for players.

Love slots

If you are in love or feel really pleased to see some symbols and manifestation of romance you should check wonderful love themed slots. Without any doubt you would love attractive love slots fitted pretty and nice symbols such as roses, teddy bears, cupids, hearts and other sweet romantic stuff. Traditionally love slots games contain nice pink & red colors; they are often supplied with romantic music. Moreover, you will be pleasantly surprised about all thrilling bonuses and free spins, additional rounds & multipliers. You can have your own Valentine's Day everyday with special Love themed slots.


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