Exhaustive guide on how to play roulette for cryptocurrency

Most crypto roulette sites are so popular that they offer the game in their product portfolio. The Crypto Roulette game is played the same as a traditional roulette game, except that you use Bitcoin instead of the usual national currency to place your bets. Depending on where the online casinos are located and where they accept players, this will be relevant to offering American or European roulette.

In compiling this https://altgambler.com/crypto-roulette-sites/ Crypto Roulette casino list, we have looked critically at several aspects that will give you an effortless gaming experience. These aspects include the number of Roulette variations at these casinos, reliability of the games, bonuses, and device compatibility. Other features included payment methods and customer support.

Does roulette with Crypto work the traditional roulette differently?

Roulette begins with the host asking the player to place a bet. These bets are placed, and the co-moderator slowly spins the wheels. They spin a ball around a grooved track in the opposite direction of the rotation. The ball eventually loses momentum and lands on one of the numbers from zero to 36, which alternate between red and black colors (zero is green, more on that later). Depending on where you place your bet, you win or lose.

How many coins can you win with French or American roulette?

If you play the game on the French Crypto Roulette table (one with a zero), all the bets below have a house edge of 2.7%; Bets on American Roulette, a game with zero and double zero, had a house edge of 5.3%. Play on the French wheel as much as possible, as the house edge is almost half that on the American table.

A straight bet is a bet on any number from 0 to 36. This is a popular bet because it rewards odds of 35 to 1. Although the cost is high, you should not expect a single number to be frequent.

How do you play roulette with Crypto?

Now you know how Crypto casino roulette works, and we have no doubt you'll want to try out this exciting game. It's super easy to start, even if you've never heard of altcoins.

Site selection matters, so make sure you choose a suitable casino platform and follow these steps:

Open a cryptocurrency wallet you like.

Buy some crypto coins on particular services.

Register at a crypto casino.

Replenish your balance with Crypto.

Go to the "Crypto games" page and find the Roulette versions you like best.

Crypto or altcoin Roulette is very similar to the regular roulette variant. The only difference is that in traditional roulette, there is a physical table, a roulette wheel, and a ball on the roulette wheel. But with Crypto Roulette, the roulette wheel, table, and ball are all digital, so you don't have to go to a physical casino to play Blockchain Roulette.

Bitcoin or any other altcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, so all payments are swift, and transactions are anonymous. Moreover, Blockchain casinos offer many types of bonus offers and lucrative deals for players who use Crypto gambling. That's why Bitcoin Roulette has become so popular among gamblers and bettors.

Benefits of Crypto gambling

The unique thrill is not the only merit of playing roulette alone. It gives you many fantastic privileges that players can only dream of. You will appreciate all the benefits of 100% risk-free and anonymous altcoin betting.

You can deposit money directly from your Crypto wallet to a casino account without third-party intermediaries. It is a brilliant solution to keep your gambling activities private.

Won a lot of money with Bitcoin Roulette? Our congratulations! You can say goodbye to the commission while paying out your winnings. It's a typical story with bank transfers but now with BTC wallets. Payouts are always fast and free of fees!

Rules of roulette

Whether you play it in a regular casino or a Crypto casino, the rules of roulette remain the same. Below you can read more about the rules of the game.

You start by guessing which square the ball will land on after the wheel stops spinning. Then, you place a bet on your best guess. You can even bet on more than one square.

When the ball stops, you win or lose your bet. The complexity of the game lies in the different betting options available. There are three types of bets at a roulette table: inside bets, outside bets, and, for more experienced players, call bets.

Inside bets are placed on the colored and numbered tiles on the table you see below. You can bet on individual numbers or by placing your chip between the lines that separate the tiles. Outside bets are placed outside the numbered grid. Familiar roulette bets such as black, red, odds, and evens are outside bets. Call bets are a little more sophisticated. Players can bet on predefined sets of numbers.

What is the best Crypto roulette strategy?

Roulette is an old game, meaning many players have done their best to develop winning strategies over the years. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof strategy for roulette at Blockchain casinos or otherwise. It's mostly a game of luck.

Crypto roulette odds & payouts.

Crypto roulette pays out depending on the winning combination, each of which has a different payout percentage. Therefore, you should check the payout percentage before playing bitcoin roulette. Some successful winning combinations and their payout percentages are as follows:

Red or black marks will pay out 1 to 1.

Marking an odd or even number will pay out 1 to 1.

The numbers 1 to 18/19 to 36 will pay out 1 to 1.

Numbers 1 to 12/13 to 24/25-36 will pay 2 to 1.

Six numbers on a line pay 5 to 1.

The first five numbers pay 6 to 1.

The odds are 8 to 1 for the corner bet.

Three numbers on the street pay 11 to 1.

The split will pay 17 to 1.

Single zeros or double zeros and singles will pay 35 to 1.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crypto Roulette

What's the minimum bet in Crypto roulette?

The minimum bet you can make in one spin in Bitcoin roulette is one satoshi. This is a minimal bet, used mainly by newbies to test new strategies. It's worth noting that the minimum bet can depend on the particular casino. No specific set of standards could accurately indicate the amount of minimum bet in different casinos. In addition, because the price of bitcoins changes all the time and can vary drastically in a short period of time, you must keep in mind that casinos may change their minimum wagering requirements.

What is the maximum bet when playing Crypto roulette?

The maximum bet you can make is 1 BTC. This is an enormous amount, but you can make a lot of money if you are lucky. Like the minimum bet, maximum bet limits can vary from casino to casino, but most games usually can bet up to 1 BTC. In addition, betting limits can change from time to time due to bitcoin volatility, so we recommend checking this information each time before you start playing.

How do I win at Crypto Roulette?

No single strategy can guarantee 100% winning at roulette BTC. Most of the time, it depends on luck, but you can minimize the risk by following these steps.

First of all, if you want to win roulette, you should familiarize yourself with the game's concept, that is, understand the basics of the game. Before switching to bitcoins, make sure you've mastered roulette enough by playing the game's demo version and learning how things work. Finally, it would be best if you started with smaller bets so that you don't risk your bitcoins until you understand that you are already quite familiar with the basics of the game.

Are there live Crypto roulette games?

Yes, there are. You can play European, French and American roulette in real-time with a real dealer. However, there are relatively few such casinos. Live bitcoin roulette has no significant differences from its video counterparts. The rules are the same; the only substantial difference is that there is a live dealer on your screen, and the atmosphere is similar to what you might see in a real casino.


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