Attemption of Cheating Machine

Cheating at slots

A bit of statistic

To begin this topic about casino cheating first of all it is necessary to mention that nowadays the occasions of gamblers` fraud decreased many times compared to times of slots origins when casinos were not so secured and protected.

Today 80% of gambling establishment`s revenue come owing to different types of slots and more than 3 millions of slot machines are available in casinos all over the world. Thus, it is not surprising that slot cheats appear at casinos and looking for an opportunity. Frankly speaking, millions of dollars were stolen from slots at world casinos and approximately $100 million were documented as lost in Nevada only.

Practice shows that a good team of slot cheaters is able to steal almost $ 1,000 per hour by applying different methods. In case some cheating device is applied, their revenue may be $ 350 for 6 minutes. Experienced cheaters working a bit less than 5 days in a week are able to make $750,000.

Cheaters use security for their profit

Casinos in their turn beaver away at innumerable quantity of cameras, which are mostly directed on doors, cages, table games and elevators and permanent improving of whole security system. However, large casino can have about 5 000 slot machines which are impossible to watch simultaneously at concrete moment.

That`s why experienced cheaters use so-called blind spots in surveillance systems of casino and continually move from one machine to another. They do it with a purpose not to arrest attention and this is called 'winning heat'. Professionals frequently train fresh slots cheaters and then share their profits. Thus, they put new faces at the casino every day and make it arduous for casino security to catch one exact person.

Most of scamming tools are quite simple and may be created for $ 25. However some complicated cheating devices may cost from $ 1,000 to $ 25,000 on the black market.

Ways to cheat

Coat Hangers

One of the cheaters used a coat hanger applying it to machines with a mechanical counter for coins. Thus, slot couldn`t keep up with payout accurately. He made more than $ 200,000 via this method at casinos.

Monkey paw

Tommy Glenn Carmichael had invented monkey paw which had become popular later all over the world. Using the foot long monkey paw, flexible steel, he was able to trip the switch in the payout chute of the machine to release coins from the slot machine.

Light wand

Later he created the light wand. It had been created with a battery from a camera and a small bulb which would be able to blind the sensor of the machine. The device was quite undetectable and he managed to make a lot of money by selling it to other cheaters.

Future Cheating

Today most slot machines are based on different computer programs and slots software than on internal gears. That for sure makes lives of would-be cheaters much more complicated. But as for us we are sure that inventions of cheaters will become more and more advanced and ingenious.


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