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Slots symbols

General info on symbols

symbol slotsThese is not a big secret that slot machines have become extremely popular from their first appearance and are still gathering a lot of fans around. All aspects of slots including technical arrangement, appearance and design were changing permanently due to slots innovations. Considering the most attractive side of slots which gives gamblers thrilling feelings we have decided to devote this article to important component - slots symbols.

The goal of all slots players is to gain money playing machines. Slot games always involve matching symbols no matter if a slot machine has mechanical reels or electronic screen. Slot machine symbols traditionally have bright colors and are easy to recognize. To win in most games a player need to get certain combination of symbols on the reels.

Slots symbols` history

Early times

According to slots history the first slots were based on poker. Thus, first slot games contained symbols from the card decks. With the lapse of time the initial version and features of the game was broaden and the renewed variant was supplied with a range of different symbols like Liberty bell, horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and so on.


As slots trend caught on some companies considered it to be a good opportunity to use them for their products` advertising. Bell Fruit Gum Company had decorated slots reels with symbols of various fruits for representing their gum flavors. They also inserted the widespread BAR symbol that used to be a logo of the gum company. Frankly speaking, those fruit slots are really time-tested and are still the most recognizable slots.

Symbols today

Since slot machines turn into famous entertainments at casinos the creators of games decided to add more interesting stuff to existing symbols. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and a lot of other stars appeared on every casino floor together with various themed slot games.

Today players have a possibility to choose an appropriate theme of slots among thousands including game shows and movie characters. Games with an interesting theme is a key of success of particular type of slots as they are fun and give a player the meaning of his importance after choosing the theme. They also give the understanding of small market in the enormous one: the more games they have, the more clients will find their favorites.

Thus, nowadays slots software which is provided by many software operators is very qualitative, interesting and creative. They permanently develop unbelievable themes for slot machines that sometimes grow into the whole stories. Moreover, such companies always try to take into account the customer`s opinion and desires.


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