Different Aspects of Reel Type Slots

Reel type slots

Developing process

magic slotsAccording to slots history the first slots invented by Charles Fey had 3 reels and 30 symbols. Those symbols were spades, horseshoes, hearts, diamond and bells. When a player lined up 3 bells he gained the top prize implied jackpot.

The thing is that for a long time lots of companies dealt with slots and solitary creators developed only 3-reled slots as the technique of those time didn`t have physical possibilities to embrace more except of Big and Super Big Bertha with 8 reels which weight was by the way just inconceivable. However, quick progress that is for sure important distinctive feature of slot machines bring new possibilities to the products of the industry. Now the most common for all casinos are those slots games which involved more reels beginning with 5 reels and 7 reels while 3-reeled slots have been mostly excluded from casinos.

5-reeled slots

These machines are known as Pokie Machines or Pokies amongst all gamblers. The unbelievable popularity of 5-reeled slot machines game has made them favorites even amongst regular of no download casinos nowadays. Thus, there is a wide choice of this type games at every online casino. Moreover, almost all casinos especially those which accept the US players frequently hold different online 5-reeled slots tournaments.

5-reeled probability

Many players consider 5 reel slots to be harder to hit a win. Each contemporary slot machine use the RNG

(Random Number Generator) which always 3rd party inspectors check and approve. Commonly 5 reel slots pay out 95% or more back to a player.

7-reeled slots

In 1909 Herbert Stephen Mill one more inventor after Charles Fey added 10 symbols to already existed on each reel that made it more space saving and mobile. The popularity of Liberty Bell grew at casinos were already were holding the versions of nowadays slot tournaments.

With the lapse of time those mechanical one-armed bandits had changed. As the result they had become electronic. Thus, video slots have appeared on the scene at land based casinos as well as at online casinos as download and no download versions.

7-reeled slots features

Firstly we were talking about 3-reeled. Then appeared the 5-reeled slots and now here we have - the 7 reel slot machines. Technology has developed a lot of different aspects in order to improve the game. For instance the option of 7-reeled slots when it is possible for a player to choose where from the bets can go. Without any doubt such features make the game much more pleasant, especially taking into consideration online tournaments. There is even 'auto play' function by which a player commands to spin continuously, chooses frequency and other different parameters he wants. The 7-reeled machines pay outs are commonly higher comparing to those of 3-reeled and 5-reeled slots.


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