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Today slot machine games are probably the most famous entertainments amongst all casino games. This game of chance is available to every player who is allowed to play by law and has an access to the Internet or just attends some land based casino. There are several types of slots at contemporary casinos. The most common and traditionally existing from them is straight slot machine.

Straight Slot Machine

jackpot slot machineStraight Slot Machine is known by players as conventional machine or flat rate slots. It is a simple one-armed bandit which we frequently see in movies. Their reels spin if a player pulls a lever and these slots look like a cash register. Straight slots may seem boring and dull compared to progressive slots but they gain really great popularity as well.

This type of slots usually offers the payout with a reference to a schedule which is posted in front of players on the table. However before playing this type of slots every gambler has to remember that straight slot machines are different and there are no similar machines to the critical extent. It is very important for a player to be aware of every machine`s payout table in order to get the idea of each game.

Traditionally there are five subtypes of straight slots:


Wildcard is the special symbol that can substitute any other reel symbol and signalize that a player has more chances of the payout since this sign can be anything that it is necessary to be.


The Multiplier is very simple to play since it just multiplies a payout that depends on the deposit of player, to be more precisely a number of coins you have inserted plays role. For instance, in case the slot gives 5 coins whenever a player hits the 3 cherries after he had wager 1 coin it suppose that to have the payout of ten in the 2nd coin that a player bets. However, it is better for player not to take advantage of playing with a max number of coins.

Bonus Multiplier

This is one more type of straight slot machines and this one works the same as the previous, multiplier. The difference is that it has some additional characteristics that give every player a possibility to play the bonus round when he wagers the maximum of coins. Playing Bonus Multiplier can double or even triple the player`s earnings.

Multiple Slot Payline

The quantity of activated lines may vary with regard to the number of coins you inserted. If you deposit 1 coin it can activate just the middle payline. In case the winning combination isn`t in the activated payline it means that you haven't won.

Buy a Pay

This subtype of straight slot machines differs from one slot to another. In case a gamer wants to play this type, he has to get familiar with the instructions of every machine with regard to payouts and the number of coins.


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