Random Number Generation

Random Number Generator


Random Number Generator (RNG) is every slot machine`s brains. Most players know what role this small computer chip plays picking the random numbers but they don`t understand exactly its working process performs. Such lack of knowledge provokes the appearance of different slots tips. Probably the most typical myth is that it`s possible to determine when the slot machine is almost to give a winning. Moreover, lots of dishonest gamblers often try to sell the 'special strategy' and gain big money for this, so beware of these as their strategies are absolutely false.

What exactly is it?

random Inside each contemporary slot machine a special microprocessor is located, which is similar to one in every computer we have at home with one difference - it doesn`t run standard computer programs. Instead there is a special program called random number generator that produces numbers corresponding to symbols on the reels of the slots.

A player may say that the random number generator working process is unceasing. Well, actually if machine is activated it constantly produces random numbers. It can generate a value from 0 to 4 billion that is then transferred in a special range of numbers that correspond symbols on slot reels. After each spin RNG determines the outcome via selected number that is chosen while a player hits a spin button or deposits a coin.

Every RNG follows the formula that is known as special algorithm which implies series of instructions for numbers generating. The frames of this are mostly beyond our math knowledge but it is possible to be checked accurately. Casino Control Board guides such testing labs to control the performance of the program and to assure a player won`t be cheated.

Virtual stops in Random Number Generator

However, the main idea of this article is to give you general understanding of RNG working principles and the method due to which winning spins are defined.

Reel type slots have a certain quantity of spaces placed on each reel which contains the symbol or blank. They are referred as physical stops. New micro processing technologies allow machines to accommodate huge number of these Virtual stops.

Let`s say there are just 10 stops on every reel. According to 10 stops there may be 1,000 various combinations. This number can be determined after multiplying a symbols` number on every reel. (10 * 10 * 10 = 1 000) These 1 000 combinations are called a cycle. This word sometimes leads players to confusion that slots have winning and losing cycles.



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