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Slots Origins

About slots briefly

There is no gambling establishment nowadays that would not include a few slot machines. Today, online casinos slots represent the abstract of any land based casino and to hear a jingle of coins falling in the tray of winner and flashing signals which light if the jackpot is won is probably a dream of every gambler.

Slots are also often called the 'one armed bandits' and 'fruit machines'. Every machine is always coin-operated and traditionally has three and more reels that spin when a player pulls the lever. A player wins if particular shapes or symbols depicted on the reels come to a stop in some special pattern or order.

Nowadays there are over 20 different types of slot machines. But they all fall into two categories.

There are 2 types of slots which are common for all casinos: progressive slots and straight slot type. Straight slots The pay out of the last type is a stable amount every time, as for progressive slots - their pay out depends on the amount which was deposited by a player.

Slot machines have appeared on the casino scene approximately 120 years, thus a slot machine is one of the newly invented casino games. From the very beginning slots have become one of the most popular gamblers` choices at land based casinos as well as in online gambling world.

A short summary of slots history

Slots history has began in 1891 in New York when the first slot machine was invented by Sittman and Pitt Company.

First slot machines did not payout money as a prize. Instead, players won free drinks, cigars, etc.

The developing of slots went forward at a steady gait when a significant figure of Charles Fey gets down to business. This man can be named the farther of slots since he has invented the version of slots that was really close to contemporary slot machines. The machine firstly developed by him was called Liberty Bell.

charles frey Charles Fey, the father of slot machines.

With the lapse of time genius Fey became a member of Mills Novelty Company and there proceeded his work and inventions. Due to his ideas and efforts the new Operator Bell replaced the previous Liberty Bell. After this the company acting independently has created Mills Liberty Bell. Than the innumerable changes were made by the company and the name of machines was changed again on Silent Bell Online Casinos Slots. Innumerable changes were involved in further developing of slots machines. They improved more and more, went through the era of electro-mechanics and reached the computer period.

So, fairly now we can oversee the times of real prosperity of slots machines, especially speaking of their computerization. Today internet slots remain to be one of the most popular casino entertainments among gamblers all over the world.

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Starting from Liberty Bell and to online slots, the game of slot machine has experienced many modifications. Still, main features remain the same allowing fans all over the world to enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes.
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