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Pay table

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A pay table is also called a pay chart or pay schedule and it implies a list of payouts for the particular slot machine. For example a pay table shows the percentage between the amount of coins that was bet & the amount a bettor can win. Online slot gambling also uses the same scheme including pay tables.

Long time ago when slots existed only as big, real machines people used to print its pay schedule on every machine to show combinations that were needed for winning. Today in video slot games the pay table is showed when a player squeeze the button on which 'pay table' is written. Actually this is the method of all internet slots now.

Contemporary Pay Tables

Old slot machines reading the pay table could take some seconds and maybe just a cursory glance. The possibilities of contemporary computerized slots are much wider. Today`s average machine has rather big quantity of pay lines & gives a player a possibility of betting multiple coins on the chosen lines. The pay lines which can bring a win may be diagonal, vertical, zigzag and horizontal. At any moment bonus symbols or scatter can appear on the reels. To provide players with clear instructions all online casinos have special screens with answers on different technical questions. For example, this screen can show a player a number of coins he can bet on every pay line.

Always read the table

The one more screen a player needs to look at is very important pay table which shows the amount every symbol can pay. Slots inventors and creators try to make the winning symbols` order easy to figure out. However, the complex multi-lined slot machines make this a bit complicated.

There are slots games that have special themes which help to understand symbols` value, but less obvious themes cannot be simply guessed, thus it is better to check a pay table every time you start playing. Sometimes you can get into embarrassing situation if you are not aware that you need to bet the maximum of coins for winning a maximum jackpot. Every gambler should remember that it is necessary to read a pay table & clearly understand rules and conditions of slot machine.

Free calculation

Today`s online slot machine can tell you if you have won and how even in case you have bet on several lines. A player doesn't have to figure out whether he has hit the needed combination or not - the machine will easily do this.


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