Slot Machines Odds

Slot Machines Odds

Slots Odds & Probabilities

dragon doublerThe same as every casino game slot machines have odds and probabilities which could be revealed by different series of mechanical equipment and devices. Every reel has particular quantity of slots symbols depicted on it and the odds to hit the given symbol could be the division of one on the symbols` number. The typical situation is if you play 3 reeled slots with ten symbols on each reel. The odds of any particular symbol hitting on single reel will be nine to one.

The odds of hitting two same symbols on the spin are 1/100 that can be written also as 99 : 1. And by simple math you can get the idea that chances to hit 3 same symbols will be 1/1000 in other words 999 : 1.

You always can find payouts for each bet stated under the chances of winnings. Each bet`s payout is usually multiplied according to the probabilities and gives certain percentage of every bet`s payback, and the machine add all of them together and show the result of payout percentage.

Video Slot Machines Odds

There are evident differences between modern slots` working process and old mechanical slot machines. Video screens appeared as a result of amazing fast changing slots innovations instead of real physical machines, and the greatest innovation for the whole gambling world called random number generator replaced the mechanical stops. Such changes caused in some way the existed system of payouts and odds.

An old slot machine`s reel can hold approximately 20 symbols until it become too big to locate inside the slot machine. Moreover, these slot machines cannot accommodate actually more than three reels conveniently.

Quite the reverse video slot machines have no these limitations. Video slots might theoretically even have hundred symbols on each reel, and video slots can have more than 5 reels as well.

And what makes things much more interesting RNG system is programmed on giving particular symbols to come up and it is absolutely unrelated to symbols` number. The slots might have 1 lemon out of 10 symbols and the random number generator can be programmed to have this cherry land only once of every 20 random spins.

It is logical that less possible combinations could be programmed. Remember, the less possible is to hit them the better prizes and pay outs a casino can award for them. The progressive jackpots of 6 and 7 figures would not be possible on mechanical slot machines while they are really plane to program in video slots` RNG.


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