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Progressive slots

Slots biggest attraction

strike gold slotsThis is a common knowledge that slots is really popular casino game. A lot of people like this entertainment and even invented various slots myths and secrets. But not only slot machines` wonderful appearance and thrilling lights and sounds have magnetic power over gamblers but also they are attracted by amazing slots bonuses. In spite of the fact slots games permanently offer the most great jackpots and winnings there are special progressive slots which always have the highest money to offer players.

The main points

What does it exactly mean? The answer is simple: it means that particular slot type has a jackpot that permanently continues to increase. It grows with regard to every bet made by gamblers. The ultimate jackpot is determined if somebody wins and this amount is formed by a percentage taken from all bets played on particular group of slot machines or single slot. Playing progressive slots a player can win the award and doesn`t get a progressive jackpot. It happens because progressives pay out the maximum jackpot if someone has the particular combination of winning symbols for a jackpot. Free slot games enthuse just about all the people that check out them all at the least once.

Types of progressives

Every gambler should be aware of the fact that progressives have its own division within. There are three types of progressive slots.

Stand-alone machine

First of all it doesn`t linked with other slot machines. Stand-alone slots typically have some fixed jackpot that is formed via compared small percentages of all bets which was made on these machines. The jackpot grows according to each bet the same as in other types of progressives. Usually stand alone machines show the currently amount of the progressive jackpot. One more peculiarity is that they offer lower payouts compared to progressives linked together.

In-house machines

In-house machine is the one that linked with other similar slots and all of them are operated by some particular casino. However, sometimes progressive slot machines can be linked to other slots that refer to different casinos. This may happen in case some company is the owner of several casinos and wants to link the progressive slot machines together. Such slots often offer big money awards or prizes and also have bigger jackpots than other slots.

Wide-area progressive slots

Typically these slots are linked with each other but aren`t operated by only one gambling establishment or company. They are linked between many various casinos that are owned, for instance, by various companies. Wide-area progressive slots always offer great winnings and sometimes the jackpots in these machines are really so enormous that a winner can easily leave his job and completely change lifestyle. Here we have one downside if the machines - low winning odds.


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