Slots Innovations During Machines Developing

Slots innovations

Operator Bell

family fortunesWe precede our plunging into slots history and moving from the very beginning connected with Liberty Bell to the next stage of Operator Bell. In 1907 Mills Novelty Company and they produced their own version of the original Fey`s slots called Mills Liberty Bell. The iron feet with the toes were embedded in that machine but later it got rid of toes and changed on decorative feet. Then came a version of lighter weight named Operator Bell but actually it still weighed more than 100 pounds. Thus, wood cabinets were applied and these appeared to be easier and less expensive to assemble.

1930s` Changes

In the 30s Mills Novelty made a number of important revolutionary changes to their slot machines and developed stable mechanism for gambling world. They removed a bell from slots and machines of that period were described as Silent Bells. The double jackpot was also introduced. It allowed the players to win the jackpot twice in the row. Mills also made the machines more attractive and colorful.

Electro-Mechanical Slots

The greater part of slot machines until the 1950s was mechanical. However, with the course of time electro-mechanical machines were introduced. It was a popularity peak of slots, especially due to Big Bertha and Super Big Bertha machines. Both of them were very large machines and had 8 reels with twenty symbols on each reel. Their production cost more than $150,000 and they offered players 80% payback. According to Bertha`s odds the probability of player`s gaining of jackpot was 1 in 25 billion!

In 1964 Bally Manufacturing developed one more electro-mechanical slots named Money Honey. The appearance of the machine was changed as well as its inside part. Bally add more electrical components to the structure. A player could experience the flashing lights and exciting noises during the game.

The Era of Computers

In the beginning of the 1980s existed slots were finally computerized. Sircoma, a newly born company made a really big stir in the field - it produced video poker slots. Firstly lots of players were suspicious of the fact that they could not see the spin of reels, etc. But with the lapse of time this strange feelings have disappeared. This computerization has brought players a wide specter of options and choices. Today machines accept bills and gamers no longer needed to use change for playing. There appeared also other machines that could contain a selection of different games for a player to choose. Today the computer variant of slots have developed much more and internet slots gain the enormous popularity.


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