Wild Symbols at Slots

Wild symbols

Common phenomenon

golden slotsMost of slot machines contain different types of wild symbols. For instance, fruit machines include classic 'wild cherry' that is wild. Every video slot machine includes the wild symbol traditionally being the central icon of the particular slots theme. If a slot machine for example has the old-west theme the wild symbol for this could be a cowboy or sheriff's badge.

Wild symbols do not restrict player`s actions or possibilities. No matter where you play from - United States, Australia or Europe and what kind of casino you use - the land-based casino or downloadable/no downloadable online casino, 99.9% of slots will contain the wild symbol.

The meaning

The main peculiarity of Wild symbols is their special ability to substitute any other symbol depicted in reel type slots which could complete the winning combination.

Let`s take for example a fruit slots that pays 5x if you line up 3 lemons. If you have 1 cherry and 2 bananas you will be paid the same amount that you gain for hitting all 3 lemons. At video slot games which offer 4 fire hoses pay 10x it is possible to hit much higher prizes if you line up 4 hoses and the wild symbol in addition.

The most pleasant characteristic of wild symbols is that they always substitute the highest paying symbols. If you play the 5-reel king theme slots where three crowns are paid 5x your deposit and 3 scepters are paid 3x your deposit and during the game you line up two crowns and two scepters on one pay line together with wild symbol.

The last suddenly turns into third crown paying 5x your deposit. A wild symbol won`t become the scepter as the rules are that only one winning unit may be achieved in pay line and it won`t offer less payout either.

Wilds & Scatters

The scatter is only one thing on slots` reels that wilds cannot replace. This is the special symbol which obtains its name due to its functions - it does not have to be on a single pay line in order to initiate the winning. When 3 and more of symbols are scattered on the reels this will cause whatever a scatter does for the slot machine (e.g. free spins).

The importance of Wild Symbols

If you are fond of playing live and online slots before you start playing make sure there is a wild symbol in the machine. Video slots are more likely to have higher pay tables if wild symbols are activated. Remember that it is very important to check a pay table in order to ensure you double your earnings if wilds form your winning combinations.



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