Slots Tips Myths and Secrets

Slots Tips: myths and secrets

Where they come from

777 flaminSince in the course of last decades all kinds of slot machines including internet slots have became extremely popular amongst gamers of different ages and each player dreams to hear the stunning and stirring sound that announce about big winning at slots, the experienced gamblers as well as beginners created a range of suppositions and assumptions on how to increase the chances of winnings playing online casino games. Actually they are very similar to superstitions and most of them are false. However, some people believe in this stuff or just want to believe. Otherwise, the power of wish, desire and faith is really great, so they have all chances to win at slots the same as other players.

Myths about slot machines

  • The player can determine when the machine is almost to give a winning

Impossible. Today`s mechanism of slot machines is totally based on RNG (random number generator) and you should always remember about this. It means that the slots software randomly picks the numbers and pictures and the machine definitely doesn`t know if it just gave a jackpot or not.

  • The longer time you play some particular slot machines the highest chances of winning you have.

That is really funny! How does some concrete slots suppose to recognize you? Or do you think it will mark you as a loyal player and one day decide to reward your efforts? So remember - it doesn`t care, because it is a machine!

  • Some slot machines are tight while other are loose.

No. Each slots at casino has a particular payout percentage and at every casino it must be absolutely clear, so it is possible to understand the average of this slot machine games. And again slots don`t have a limit on winnings, thus one machine can give jackpots every day while other don`t give at all.

  • Playing slot machines on weekends your chances of winning grow

How even this can come into people's mind ?! So, they think that machines are very pleased and relaxed on Sundays and generously give them money?!=) Remember about RNG - it is always within slots, moreover it doesn`t disappear on weekends.

  • The temperature of the coin you put in slots plays the role in a probability of winning

False. A slot machine cannot be affected by hot coins. It is simply doesn`t care what coins you have and the author of this myth probably drunk a lot in front of his machine. The downside of this story is that sometimes players burn their fingers in attempt to heat the coin from the lighter.



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