Slot Machine Fruit

Fruit slots

Where it comes from

The circumstances in slots history were such that first symbols included in slots were card decks as slots initially were based on poker game. Then with a course of time slots symbols have changed on different fruits by a trade company in order to advertise their production. Actually these fruit slot machines are still really popular amongst players.

fruit fiestaAt US casinos players are very accustomed to many rows of slots on the floors. All of them using flashing lights and bright colors tantalize visitors and promise the large jackpots.

Contrary in UK fruit slots are actually far more common. Of course they offer the same seductive and attractive cash payouts and look similar to US machines but there is a difference in a way they work.

This article is aimed on your deeper exploration of fruit machines and explanation of how they exactly work. A player will learn more about different features which make them different from their US counterparts and which similarities these both have. There are also some useful tips that might be used by players in order to improve the winnings.

Special features

Most of fruit slots only have 3 reels, but there are some 4-reel & 6-reel variants that are less popular. There are 16 and 24 symbols on each reel, mostly they depict some fruits. As for winning combination of these it frequently is paid out via cash winnings and by different bonus games.

When a gambler plays fruit slots he can 'hold' one reel or multiple. This is more appropriate than spin a chosen reel and player can compel its remaining in a particular position during spinning of other reels.

Many players use 'hold' feature to make their chances of winning combination higher.

One more feature is 'nudge'. In most fruit slots nudges play the role of award for a player and are based on the past spins. The nudge allows moving slightly one reel and making the winning combination possible.

High-Low Feature

In case a player hits the winning combination playing fruit slots he often has a chance to take small payout or play further with possibilities to gain more money.

The further play is performed via 'high-low' subgame. There is a special number reel where the number is displayed. A player can guess whether the spin of this reel can produce the higher or lower number comparing to displayed value. In case the player`s guess is correct he can easily get a cash prize. Otherwise, player`s original small payout is forfeit.



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